Welcome To Jet Delivery Service, Inc. 
Greetings from Jet Delivery Service Inc. in Kansas City! I am excited and pleased to announce our new website! One of the things that has always set us apart from others is our dedication to customer service. On our website you not only learn more about us, but you can also TRACK YOUR FREIGHT IN REAL TIME, as well as get HARD COPY POD's!!! You can track your shipments from alert status all the way through billing! Jet Delivery constantly strives to give the best customer service possible by offering some of the most technologically advanced customer service tools. From online tracking, to automatic email or fax pod's, we have you covered!

Jet Delivery Service, Inc.
1028 Mexico City Avenue
Kansas City, Mo. 64153


Whether it's across town, or across country

  • Ensuring delivery, on time, every time
  • Eliminate excess phone calls with real time online tracking
  • Individualized service for each shipment
  • Located on the airfield
  • Distribution management specialists