E-Trac Login

Here are some easy to follow directions to track your shipments online:

  • Open your web browser and in the address bar type: www.jetKC.com
  • When the main screen comes up, click on ETRAC.
  • Enter your log in name and password. That's It !!!


When the tracking screen comes up, the current date will be shown in both of the date range boxes. You can adjust those dates so that you can bring up a range of shipments or in the advanced options you can specify your bill number in the REFERENCE NUMBER field. If you have several of your shipments that traveled on one master bill, you can enter the master bill number to bring all of those shipments up. There are several other great ways to look at your shipments, but those listed are the most common used.

If you are an Etrac enabled forwarder, please contact me and our information can be directly sent into your system!

Instead of having to make that pesky phone call to verify if a fax has been received, simply see if it is on the system. If you see it, you know we have it!